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Car Detailing In Markham
Exterior Hand Wash

Our exterior detailing service is an extensive cleaning method that restores your vehicle to its original beauty. We use different detailing techniques and materials depending on your vehicle’s finishes (glossy, chrome, matte, wheels, tires, windows, and trunk/door jambs) along with other noticeable components on your vehicle’s exterior.

Auto Detailing Markham
Interior Detailing

Auto Parlour Car Detailing Markham’s famous interior detailing is a fine deep cleaning by our interior-focused trained technicians. The entire interior cabin is meticulously vacuumed, shampooed, and steam cleaned with delicate attention to different materials ensuring satisfaction and care to your vehicle. We carry an array of products to remove stains and to restore your vehicle’s upholstery.

Auto Detailing Markham Window Tinting

Our accredited and professional car window tinting installers are here to provide you with high-quality tinting film. We offer professional advice to help you make an informed decision on the right tint for your vehicle. Window tinting not only provides you with comfort and privacy  – but more importantly, protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Speak to our specialist for options on a functional and aesthetic way to customize your sweet ride.

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Your vehicle is your second home. In Markham, our vehicles take on quite a beating from all our harsh winter months. We commute in them; we make memories in them. It is important to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle for a healthy and clean environment for you and your passengers.

Auto Parlour is a new detailing shop founded by locals who understand GTA’s busy lifestyle. Our passion here to always use modern and effective techniques giving us a reputation of being “Markham’s best auto detailing shop”. We are excited to serve Markham and continue to focus on giving you and your vehicle our best.

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We are local owners with extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive detailing world. At an early age, we developed a passion for automobiles while working for Canada’s top leading automotive companies.

With the experience we have gained, we took everything there is to know about detailing and created a new modern detailing service. With tried and true techniques, we integrate it with the newest technology and methods to offer the best quality of work and customer service. We here are constantly upgrading and training to serve Markham’s vehicles and their owners the lifestyle we all deserve.